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Aliyah Live!

image I tuned in live at midnight one night earlier this week to watch Nefesh b’Nefesh’s first aliyah flight of the summer arriving at Ben Gurion airport.

It was exciting, if not, perhaps, as exhilarating as watching a space shuttle launch.  The plane touched down without incident, and hundreds of Israelis were there to great 250 of 5000 olim this summer.

Apparently, if you’re not on one of the charter flights (only 2 this summer), you don’t get the official greeting party, t-shirts, balloons, etc.  You just arrive.

Still – I think it would be pretty darn exciting to be actually ON that plane, though probably nobody would be there to meet us – since we hardly know anybody in the country.  If you’re in Israel and you’re reading this, keep two summers from now free for us, okay?

Here are this summer’s scheduled aliyah flights:


Would it be cheesy to go send off the Canadian group???

But 5000… wow.  I keep wondering where they’re going to put them all.  According to Avivah over at Oceans of Joy, Karmiel, where “purchase prices … have gone up about 25% in the last six months.”  Oy, vey.  :-o

Hashem ya’azor – somehow, Hashem will help us find a place and a new life beyond the arrival flight, among those thousands of olim.

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