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Things I will miss… Streets

that start in one place, go in a straight line, and when they’re done doing that, meet all the other streets at nice, tidy right angles!

Here’s our little neighbourhood in Toronto…


And here’s the centre of Karmiel…


Every city looks pretty much like this, all swirly-whirly, as if someone were trying to flush it into some massive subterranean vortex.  Or something.

Of course, this is because streets in Israel are generally built into the landscape, of which there is a great deal.  Whereas here, in this wide-open country, the first European settlers picked places where there wasn’t much landscape to speak of, and then levelled it off just to be sure you’d never have to go up or down more than a few meters.

The nice thing is you’ll never get fat (or stay fat) walking up and down, up and down, and all around the vortex.

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