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My Aliyah Sweatshirt

Wish I could have one of these made up to wear constantly over the next few weeks.  Not that I want to be wearing a sweatshirt in this >30 degree muggy heat, but at least it would save me the sweatier moments of having to explain every detail of my life, over and over and over…


Transcribed for those who cannot see the picture: 

Image shows a sweatshirt with the following caption:

August 5th, G-d willing.  Near Haifa.  No, the kids are going to school.  If, by lucky, you mean “giving up a lot for something you believe in” – yes, we are lucky.  If, by excited, you mean “scared out of our minds” – yup.

If you could have (or could have had) a sweatshirt during your aliyah process… what would it say (or have said)???

We had a big farewell shalosh seudos last Shabbos at my mother’s house for the ladies of the community.  Next up – big family BBQ this Sunday and possibly some kind words from the rabbi at kiddush next week.

So many ways to say goodbye, when really, I’d rather just slink away… :-o


  1. Slinking isn't as much fun. Let's see how many people will visit you.

  2. I LOVE YOUR SWEATSHIRT!!! Hey, we did this 7 years ago--I completely identify with the feeling! I also did a LOT of community research which I'm trying to help the Rifkinds with as well. Had we not had a kid with medical/special ed needs, we would have lived up north. My favorites were Zichron Yaacov (not so expensive then--awful now); Ma'alot (wonderful community, helpful Anglo olim--and a 45 min bus commute to work in Haifa), Kfar Vradim (beautiful and reasonable back then but recent prices posted are scary--but everything is negotiable, a LOT,here)and Karmiel,which is growing,going to have its own high speed train soon (soon being relative in Israel). Shout out if you want to chat about places to live-- I'm Sarah, and the nonwork email is Welcome home!

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    ps I'm just passing on the favor.  I hope you enjoy.


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