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Two family emails: One, Rosh Hashanah

This is my mother’s annual poem-invitation to Rosh Hashanah, cc’d to the entire family… and my reply, below.

Blow the shofar! Sing a song!
Soon it's Yom Tov--won't be long.
The New Year's coming--5774
In just 3 weeks--practically knocking at the door.
Hope you can join our luncheon fete,
On foot, by car, or even jet.
Please let me know; I'll wait to hear
If you'll join in celebrating the coming year.

Here’s my reply:

While shofar-sounding we will hear,
Sadly, we cannot be near;
Yet we will keep you all at heart
And weep for hours spent apart.
Please eat some honey cake with joy
And scream so loudly, like our boy.
We love you all and hate to miss
A time so awesome quite like this.
As new year's moon begins to dawn,
Please think of us... and carry on.

Missing these family times is terrible.  There are no two ways about it.

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