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Colon Cleanse? Brand-name blooper

IMG_00003101 Really???  In a country with however-many English speakers, where English is pretty much mandatory for every student over Grade Three, an entire corporation decided that a good name for their detergent line was… Colon!

I wonder if anybody told them it means kishke?  Or if the first thing that comes to mind is not purity and shiny-brightness IMG_00003102of dishes, clothing or anything else.

I didn’t buy these, but not because of the name.  Other brand names of detergent are almost equally weird:  Sod, Hepi, Fairy, Persil (these last two are British brands I’d already heard of).

A few old favourites are here, but generally, North American brands are way more expensive.  I have, however, stuck with our old favourite detergent, פלמוליב (Palmolive), since I have found it for reasonably comparable prices to the unknowns.

And then, of course, what could be better - after a shopping trek through the holy land – than a ride home on a bus driven by a guy who looks just like Tevye the Dairyman, from Fiddler on the Roof???

IMG_00003107 (640x360)tevye



  1. English is mandatory as a school subject. That doesn't mean anyone really learns it. Just like me trying to learn French in Toronto. And I'm originally from Montreal. I work with very highly educated Israelis, many of whom don't understand the complexities or ennui of English enough to see anything wrong with Hepi or Colon.

  2. but it is pronounced "cologne." so maybe that makes it better?

    1. I had no idea how to pronounce it... I guess that makes sense. In my head, I see the word, I think "colon." Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner - thanks for stopping by!


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