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5 reasons to support Shemen LaMeor

It’s always fun to find other Canadians here in Israel and talk about the fascinating stuff they’re doing.  Even better if I can make a bit of money doing it… and do some good in the world.  Bonus!

This time, I got to chat with Nili Abrahams (left), who runs a B&B in Yavne’el, near Teveria, about Shemen LaMeor, an organization she and a friend (right, who happens to have been our rabbi back in Toronto) had to save olives in the Galil.

Check out my article here:

Shemen LameorHere are five reasons you should learn about and support Shemen LaMeor:

  1. They’re using local labour (instead of sending the men away to work!)
  2. They’re funding local tzedakah projects like schools, yeshivas and Tomchei Shabbos (instead of going begging!)
  3. They’re getting gap-year students involved with the land (instead of just putting them up in fancy hotels!)
  4. They’re promoting the “rest” of Israel (not just Yerusahalayim)
  5. They’re saving farmland that might otherwise be purchased by eager Arab buyers.  The Arab population here in northern Israel is now over 53 per cent.  Us Jews?  Under 44 per cent.

And since I’m sure you’re eager to know what you can do, here are five ways you can help them out!

  1. Visit their website to read about what they’re doing.
  2. Talk to any yeshivas or seminaries about setting up a visit during picking season this fall.  Or just get a few people together and come on your own!
  3. If you’re outside of Israel, talk to your shul about “twinning” with Shemen LaMeor.  It’s free!
  4. Donate money to support their programs and even receive some of their boutique olive oil.
  5. Watch their cool 4-minute video now… and then scroll back up to do steps 1-4.  :-)

Did I mention that this project is the brainchild of Rabbi Shmuel Veffer, inventor of the KosherLamp, which has changed late-night Shabbat reading for religious families around the world?  If I haven’t, I should.  It’s important.

(photo not taken on Shabbat :-) )

So there you go – SIX reasons to support Shemen LaMeor.


  1. Rabbi Shmuel Veffer is 'the guy' you're talking about!

  2. @Chana/Ima/Bubbie - you're right, and I apologize. Have changed that last bit to express a little more kavod. :-o


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