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Who’s your “Spokes-oleh?”

Right now, in my world, it’s cookbook author (and more!), Jamie Geller, who is making aliyah, iy”h, with Nefesh b’ Nefesh (is there any other way?) this August, and who plans to blog / vlog about it all the way…

See how nice and normal and sane she looks?

Me, too.  Well, from above, maybe…DSC00160

But check out this great rice-based Israel Map project we did two weeks ago for Parshas Shlach!  This would be a fantastic way to introduce kids to where they’re going to be living in Israel, and the geography of the Land in general…

However, I was reflecting afterwards on a comment Naomi about how small Jordan and Syria were.  Because the map focuses on Israel,  it really does appear to be the superpower of the mideast.  You’ll want to supplement this map with plenty of others that show exactly how tiny Israel is in comparison with her neighbours…


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