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Naomi, on moving and ballet

The little kids are already excitedly talking about what to pack – I have promised them they can each bring a backpack with their “best” friends and babies so they will be able to play with them right away.  Ted also promised Gavriel Zev that he can bring his inflatable Spongebob bed, so he’s happy.

Today, on our way from one dance class to another, Naomi said, “I hope they have adult ballet classes in Israel.  Because then, when I get there, I can keep taking ballet.”

I pointed out that she will, iy”h, be something between 7 and “adult” for a long, long time… and therefore, probably still eligible for kids’ classes, even at the advanced age of 8. 

But I think I also said they probably do have adult ballet classes.  I hope it’s true!

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