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Racist surprise about Israel!

Okay, if you're sensitive about political correctness, stop reading now. Quickly, because it's going to be a short post...

Okay, here's my crazy-racist surprise:. People of all colours and ethnic backgrounds live here - i knew that already. But I seriously did not expect them to be SO good at speaking Hebrew. 

In case you thought a few years of North American Hebrew school has given you a bit of an edge, aliyah-wise, or even just for visiting and spending time here, think again. Those same Filipina nannies and caregivers who, in Canada, seem to learn English in just a few weeks are also over here in the banks, post office, fruit market.  But I don't want to single out any one ethnicity... just imagine a person, from somewhere in the world that you consider slightly exotic. Now picture that person asking directions from an Egged bus driver. 

The only dfference between seeing those people in canada and seeing them here is that here, they're doing it all a heck of a lot more skilfully than I can. The only difference is in a thin veneer of smugness I didn't know I had, back before I was an immigrant myself. 

Sent on the go in the Holy Land - please excuse my typos!!

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