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Ted’s Aliyah, Day 9

Again, this is not MY writing, it is the only-slightly-deranged musings of my very talented husband, Teddy (Akiva) MacLeod.  If you like his writing, check out his art (sort of!).

Day Nine – The Photo Essay of the Beach
So, you want photos? You want laughs? And DANGER?
Tonight’s post has all of that and more!

First, the funny part!
As you know, the kiddies and I usually finish the day with a quick swim as well as some serious sandcastle building (RE: photos)

By quick swim, picture me standing in waist deep water holding onto one or both kids as they are helplessly tossed around by the relentless waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

We call the big waves “The Baddies”, which come every 15 to 30 seconds and I love how the giant waves splash over the kids heads.

It like watching someone throw a bucket of water right into their face!


Let us pause and look at Naomi resting in the water with an endless beach behind her and the city of Haifa on the hills behind her (which you can't see because of the humid fogginess in the background) Oh yes, that is our apartment in the background on the left.

Where was I? Oh yes, getting hit in the face with a wave being like getting a bucket of water in your face! Hilarious and cruel all at the same!!!



And now for the danger part!


Between waves, I do sort of cringe a bit feeling the undertow rush between my legs, and while holding onto Gavriel’s arm, watching his little body start pointing out toward the open sea.

Though I did a test today, of not holding on to the kids, and as I thought, the undertow did pull them a few feet away. But they would then stand up during the lull in the waves, run over to me and start “the funny game” all over again!


Hmmm, I’m not sure what is the dangerous part in this story is; the undertow itself or my willingness to test the survival of the kids in rough waters…

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  1. Next summer, you'll visit us in Shiloh and go to the pool. But you won't be able to do it together. We have only separate hours. OK?


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