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Ted’s Aliyah, Day 3

Again, this is not MY writing, it is the only-slightly-deranged musings of my very talented husband, Teddy (Akiva) MacLeod.  If you like his writing, check out his art (sort of!).

    Day Three of ProjectIsrael
J went grocery shopping and for some reason it took three hours...
I took the kiddies to the beach for sand and surf for about two hours...
Getting ready for Shabbos, kind of an all day job.
Okay, it's a short one today... later!

IMG_00002383My reply on facebook:

Tzivia Jennifer MacLeod Took 3 hours because a) I was finally able to read posters as I walked without you people making me hurry up, and it takes me 15 minutes to read each poster, b) 15 minutes in each of the Bamba, wafers, and frozen meat aisles, then 30 minutes in the "salads" aisle trying to find one that wasn't hummus-based (I did it - beets!), then c) 20-minute wait for the 4-minute bus ride I treated myself to to shlep it all home... hard work, all of it, I tell you!

I was also thinking about how run-down, yet oddly pretty this little seaside town can be from certain angles…

Here’s the view to the sea, wafting lovely breezes all the way to the grocery store (co-op shop):


Roundabouts everywhere means nobody has to stop except at a major intersection – smart!  A few roundabouts are lovely, well-decorated and neatly maintained.  Some are not, but here’s a good one:


Surprisingly, the drivers here are very courteous in one important way.  They never EVER violate the stripey crossing-lines if a person is in them.  They pull to a stop most obediently and will wait ages to let anyone cross, even a series of people.  I was marvelling at this but then, later on, stepped out where there is no zebra crossing – BAD MOVE!  Those same courteous drivers will run you down and KILL you if there are no stripes on the road.  I guess courtesy is a 2-way street… so to speak.

Weirdly green in a few spots, most of which are carefully fenced off:


It’s not exactly what I’d call grass, and close up, you can see that there is quite some distance between the blades of whatever-it-is, but the overall effect, especially from a distance, is shockingly welcome and restful on the eyes.

So that’s what took me 3 hours just to do the grocery shopping.  :-)

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  1. Once you get used to the products, shopping should be easier. For large purchases, it may be worth taking a taxi home. Quicker than a bus and instead of doing a delivery.


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