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The land where dreams come true !

It is no exaggeration to say that all my adult life, I have dreamed of doing sponja.
Now you may say, "Tzivia, I know you very well and you have never even mentioned this dream!"  (thanks for calling me Tzivia!)

Well, it is not the sort of dream one trumpets from the rooftops.  It is not a lofty dream. 

But it is true that - on first reading about  this bizarre Israeli floor-cleaning custom 25 years ago , I knew I absolutely must try it.  I mean, you slop water everywhere, then squeegee it into a drain (or onto a sweeper pan, or out the door, as every storekeeper in Yerushalayim seems to do).  What's not to like, for a lazy shortcutty balabusta like me???

So why did I never try it in Canada?   I thought about it once or twice, but it would have involved buying a squeegee, coming up with a plan for what to do with all the water, and maybe most importantly, getting all the junk off the floor before I could even begin.  So for one reason or another, I just never got around to trying it. 

And now I have.  doubtless, I'll be sick of this routine before too long, but the first time sure was fun.  The apartment still smells like pee (haha, bet you couldn't smell that in Naomi's video the other day), but thanks to super-toxic Israeli floor cleaner, it now smells even more like super-toxic Israeli floor cleaner than ever before. 

Ah ,the little joys of aliyah! 

(now wading thru the little left-behind puddles to the open window, where,it turns out, we have a feeble wifi signal - no more trips down 5 flights of stairs to use Google maps! )

Sent on the go in the Holy Land - please excuse my typos!!


  1. This method isn't the greatest for cleaning carpets, which is why it works on the stone floors here.

  2. I love sponja! I hope I never see another vacuum cleaner (or carpet, except in other people's homes) as long as I live!

    Sweet post. Keep sharing. :-)


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