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Extra large!

I didn't have high hopes, because everyone said we should pack our lift full of ziploc baggies, but I thought a box of "food bags" might come in handy.  So I picked out this box, which brags of the "extra large" size of the bags within.   The fine print actually tells you what to expect - exactly 21 x 27 cm worth of extra large.  still,we'll probably be able to put them to good use here somehow. 

1 comment:

  1. We do fine without the Ziploc bags. I've found some very inexpensive plastic bags in two sizes I get from our local store. I also wrap my husband's sandwiches in plain plastic wrap and then put everything in bags from the supermarket or makolet. they can be reused. In the "olden days" we'd rinse them out if dirty. Now if they're dirty I throw them out and take more from our collection.


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