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Clown show

The coordinator here at the merkaz klitah has been truly wonderful.  Naomi Rivka already has a huge, Naomi-sized crush on her, based on her 4 usual criteria:  she's smart, pretty, young, and shows interest in Naomi Rivka. 
Speaking of which, I remember reading on a blog a while ago that Israelis don't "get" middle names, and apparently, it is true, because the guy at the bank yesterday kept referring to me as "Mary", a name nobody has ever used for me. Sheesh.

Anyway, the merkaz klitah coordinator told us there's a "cloon" on Sunday, which I figured out means a clown.

And then, I kind of felt insulted... Like, "these children have been to the symphony, the ballet, art galleries and museums and historic homes.  Last week, they went to Canada's Wonderland... And you expect them to be thrilled by your little cloon show???"

Then I felt like a hopeless snob and thought it might be fun. 

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