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Rosemary’s Baby

IMG_00002653Well, okay, it’s my baby, but it is rosemary, and somewhere, it must have had parents that were rosemaries, right…?

I’m sick of buying herbs in a country where the stuff grows like weeds by the roadside (but also where it might have been sprayed by the roadside, so I’m not going to pick any).

Also, I went into the plants store because I wanted something green for yom tov that wasn’t cut flowers.  They had cacti and they had this.  I think they were surprised somebody bought it; it was just sort of tucked away as part of a display.

Must find a better way to secure it up here, however.  The bungee was expensive and we need it for other things.  I don’t trust string.  Any other suggestions?  We get some pretty stiff breezes up here, by the sea… (thank goodness, because there’s not even a hint of air conditioning)

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