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Skirts that are not pants, and vice versa

These are super-popular among certain religious women here, but I think they just look super weird, and that they must be highly uncomfortable, given that it is like a skirt that grabs onto your ankles. :-/

Have you ever seen / worn these???  Are they as uncomfy as they look?   Is this a passing fad,or lasting contribution to the tznius fashion repertoire? 

(Google says they are called "Aladdin pants," for obvious reasons...)

Sent on the go in the Holy Land - please excuse my typos!!


  1. They're actually very popular in some crowds. We sometimes sell a version or two in Yafiz.

  2. As my sister asked, "can you ride a bicycle in them???" Somehow, I doubt it would be possible unless you really hiked them up, sort of defeating the purpose. I don't care so much about the "look" as the practicality of them... :-) (or lack thereof)


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