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Starry-eyed, and misty-eyed

IMG_00003087Yes, another starry-eyed, in-love-with-Israel post to say… awesome postage stamps!!!  

I didn’t need to special-request these or anything; just asked for stamps and she handed over a bunch of these lovely ones, highlighting a museum collection of etrog (esrog) boxes.

However, like the title says I’m also a bit misty-eyed over the contents of the envelope on which I pulled out the stamps to stick.  [Okay, that sentence didn’t come out exactly right – up with which I must not put.  I cannot handle more than one language in one day, and my brain is currently in Ulpan Overdrive.]

IMG_00003086Anyway, the kids wrote letters to friends back in Toronto, and here is GZ’s, which says he will miss his friend “for the rest of my life??” 

I must say, as obnoxiously noisy and dramatic as he can be when he’s angry and disturbed, he is equally dramatic and heartfelt when he actually sits down to write these letters.  I wish he’d give us a glimpse into this quiet, sentimental side of his world more often.

Speaking of stamps, Naomi was both fascinated and horrified the first time she saw the postage stamps here.  “You mean you have to lick it??” 

As if she’d discovered that you had to lick your bus tickets or your bank card.  I guess if you’re used to the peel-and-stick kind, it does seem equally unlikely, but indeed, the stamps here all seem to be of the old-fashioned, lick-em and stick-em variety.

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