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What ever happened to FRUIT???


A few days old by now, but I took a picture because I couldn’t believe my eyes when GZ came home with this monstrosity from gan on Tu b’Shvat. 

I mean, sure, they take every opportunity to feed the children candy and sweets… I’d expected that when we came here.  But Tu b’Shvat?  A day to celebrate trees, and all good things that come from them?

I asked him if they made the cupcake in gan, and whether it perhaps had some connection to fruitiness.  Nope.  He shrugged, guessing that the ganenet had made it, and that it was chocolate cake.

Perhaps the brown cake represents soil.  Perhaps the gummy worms represent… well, worms.  And the flower?  That’s just plain cute.

But honestly, I think they could have done better in helping a kid appreciate his first Tu b’Shvat in this incredible land of milk, honey, and sweet dried fruits.


  1. I think the word "weather" there should be "whether"

    1. (But I still think the more important kvetch is that the CANDY should be FRUIT.) :-D

  2. Sammy, you're right - of course. Will fix, thanks for stopping by!


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