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Ezra’s Aliyah, a book review


(…cross-posted with a few changes from my Write Kids’ Books site – something I do very rarely and only when a post is highly relevant to both blogs…)

Very pleased today with this positive review of my kids’ book about aliyah, Ezra’s Aliyah, which appeared today on the me-ander blog.  Very widely read and covering all aspects of life in Israel, the blog is written by a fellow olah who’s been here for 40 years already.

Calling it a “fantastic children’s book,” Batya wrote, “I loved it. It's just the right length for young kids and brings up the subjects parents must speak to their children about.  Ezra's Aliyah is short enough so that young children won't get bored…”

Plus, she actually tested the book out on her grandchildren – always the best way to tell if a book really WORKS or if it’s just there to impress the parents.  Read her full review here.

image Interestingly, the blogger, Batya, insisted that I send her a hard copy of the book, while every other reviewer and prospective reviewer has been happy to accept a PDF or other e-copy of the book.  Definitely cheaper to send that way, but this way, she was able to include a picture of her granddaughter actually holding the book, which is kind of sweet.  (She has a policy of not including face shots of people on her blog.)

You can buy Ezra’s Aliyah on or save the shipping cost and buy it directly from me if you're in Israel for only $9 (including mailing).  I have copies of all my books available here for anyone in Israel who’s interested.

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  1. I'm glad you liked the review. We loved the book. I do post photos of "people's faces" but not any of my grandkids, parents' orders.


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