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At last!  Here’s your chance.

I’ll be chatting with the fabulous Miriam Brosseau of Stereo Sinai (among other things), as part of ELI ON AIR this Thursday (July 31, 1pm Eastern, 8pm Israel) – about making aliyah with kids.

Because we all know how inaccessible I am through this blog.

How tough it is to reach me with your urgent questions. 

How aloof and distant I am shrouded here in celebrity.

At last, I am descending from my turret – and now, finally, you can have your say, or ask me anything.  This will be an interactive chat and I’d love some interaction from YOU.

Please show up so the folks hosting this can see how many accolytes devoted fans I have and what a world-renowned expert I am on this topic. 

Just Click here to join us.  (Page is available now; video goes live Thursday,  July 31, at 1pm Eastern, 8pm Israel time.)

See you there!

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