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Video interview for ELI on Air: Aliyah with Children

Wondering just how twitchy I can be?

How many times I can scratch my nose, drink water, grab my ears, or just roll my head around in random directions in the course of a half-hour discussion?

Wonder no more!

Our live chat is over, so now you can tune in (not-so-live) to watch my Q&A with Miriam Brosseau of ELI on Air (part of ELI Talks), available for all embarrassing eternity on YouTube.

Check it out here!


Questions you wish you could have asked? 

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Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the part where you describe being in Israel as Jewish in 3D! Great interview!

    1. Thanks. I really hope it helps anyone who's thinking about coming with kids. It is possible... and there is NO bad time to make aliyah.


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