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Haveil Havalim, a way-late but not waylaid blog carnival for Parshat Devarim


I signed up to do this… and then things got busy.

Good-busy.  But busy. 

So I’m going to slap this thing together and hope nobody notices it’s slapped together.

What is HH, anyway?

imageThis is a weekly roundup of what’s new and great in the Jewish / Israel blogging world.  If you haven’t checked out these great blogs yet, you really should. 

As usual, I have split the links up into arbitrary categories, different from the arbitrary category names I made up last time.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  If your post(s) of yours are included here, be friendly and visit 2-3 other blogs listed here.  I’ve done my best to make them all sound tempting and fun.  Leave a comment to let them know you were there.


Literally awesome ancient historical places

Some say that Shiloh is the second-holiest place in Judaism, based on the fact that the mishkan (tabernacle) rested there longer than in any other place in our history.  Tons of participants got together there for the 3rd annual Kenes Shiloh, and Batya of Shiloh Musings was there reporting on it.

Once a month, a group of women gets together to pray at the actual site of the Mishkan.  This month, their prayers were needed more than ever, and happily, as always, Batya was there to join the group and report back here.

The philosophical side

Let’s start with Batya of Shiloh Musings, who once again plays the intrepid reporter, letting us know what went on at a recent advocacy seminary for college students and campus activists.  You can read about the challenges, highs and lows in her post here.

As part of my super-secret identity (judging from Amazon sales) as a children’s-book writer, I posted about why I self-published these two Jewish kids’ books.  If you’re thinking of writing a children’s book, you should consider it, too.

What the Jewish world needs right now is more Torah and Tanach study, and Yael Shahar graciously shares a taste of the annual Tanach Study Days on the subject of Shmittah, in preparation for the sabbatical year which begins soon, offering divrei Torah and more.

My good friend Yehuda wrote something truly great on facebook, and it wasn’t about the war, but about Jewish unity and a certain flowering tree in Beit Shemesh.  I asked him if I could share it on my blog, and he graciously said yes.  I take zero credit.

Did I mention I got interviewed for a weekly Jewish topics video/podcast on the topic of making aliyah with children?  What, I did mention it?  Well, here I go again.  I got interviewed!  And now you can watch the whole thing right over here.

Remember that joke about the young guy going out on a shidduch date?  He asks his rebbe for advice about what to talk about, and the rebbe says, “talk about food, family and philosophy.”  So he asks the girl if she likes spaghetti; she says no.  He asks her if she has a brother; no.  Finally… remember that it’s time to talk about philosophy, he asks, “if you had a brother, would he like spaghetti?” 

That joke is why it’s perfectly acceptable to stick the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival, admirably hosted by Batya at me-ander, here in the philosophy section  of this roundup.  To quote the brilliant French writer Brillat-Savarin, who never gets quoted for anything except this quote, "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are."   (hint:  break the fast with soup!  but read the post anyway)

In case you got lost in all that text… you can find the Kosher Cooking Carnival here.

The Matzav (situation, aka war in Gaza)

Where is the civil society in “humanitarian” Gaza?   I hope my quote marks don’t give it away, and you still click through to find out what RealJStreets has to say about that particular oxymoron.

What are “they” hiding from us?  If “they” is President Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, it’s very possible, suggests Esser Agoroth that “we” need to know, as he asks, “is this tape-gate just a distraction? If so, from what?

What’s going on in those tunnels?  Joan Rivers knows… and so do readers of Esser Agoroth’s post revealing the truth behind the workforce that’s building the Gaza tunnels.

Many are becoming impatient with the many truces and ceasefires.  What’s that expression, “fool me once?”  In this diminuitive post at his Torah Revolution blog, Ariel ben Yochanan points out that Israel “can’t fight a war by not fighting it.”

Devash believes that the unity many of us are feeling these days is strictly an illusion… and he has the video to prove it.  “True achdut among Jews is unity around the ultimate truth - Hashem and His Torah” he writes in this post.

Devash at Tomer Devorah notes briefly and succinctly that we seem to have reached a turning point in Israeli public opinion.  Malcolm Gladwell would probably call it a “Tipping Point,” but yes, it seems clear that we have pretty much all tipped.

However, Rickismom warns that despite our unity on this topic, every Israeli seems to have a different opinion as to how to accomplish the goal on which we all agree.  In Winning Over the Terror Within, she calls on all of klal Yisrael to “not let Hamas reap the victory of building an internal divisiveness amongst us.”

Only in Israel…

On a bus, Batya of me-ander meets a holy man in disguise.  No, he wasn’t wearing a yarmulke… but sometimes, you can just tell about a person.  Read her story over here.

What’s going on on the REAL Jerusalem streets?  Even when it comes to the war effort, it’s not what you think in these crazy times of war and weddings.

Yocheved Golani shares a post that’s not about the war, offering tales of medical miracles and her own assistance through a wonderfully-titled book she’s written to help others called It’s MY Crisis and I’ll Cry If I Need To!

I’m going to wrap up with me, because, to paraphrase Yocheved, “it’s my blog and I’ll self-promote if I need to.”  Did you know aliyah can make you rich???  What, you didn’t?  Well, it’s true!  And here are thirteen ways it can happen for YOU.

It’s still Sunday for a few minutes… so I can still wish you all a shavua tov.  Have a quiet week, everybody.

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


  1. Thanks so much for hosting. I really appreciate that you included my posts. me-ander: HH in Aliyahland, Read All About It!

  2. Tzivia,

    Thanks for hosting, and including my submissions!

    It looks like the link to the post on "Caught on Tape" is missing. Here it is:

    The Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival is up for Parshat Devarim!

    1. Only saw this now, but will amend, of course. Very, very sorry.

  3. Nice work! I love the way you tie it all together!

    1. I wouldn't do it if I can't find a way to make it fun... not just for me, but for anyone reading. Thanks for participating. :-)


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