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Haveil Havalim, Yom Kippur / Sukkot Edition


It’s been a quiet week… go figure; we’ve all been quite busy doing other stuff.  But bloggers that we are, we are still blogging, and here’s a roundup of what’s new and great this week in the Jewish blog world.

What is HH?

imageThis is a weekly roundup of what’s new and great in the Jewish / Israel blogging world.  If you haven’t checked out these great blogs yet, you really should. 

  • Last week’s was hosted by Ya’aqov at Esser Agoroth.
  • The next two weeks’ carnivals may or may not happen due to Sukkot.
  • For more details, a complete schedule of future issues or to host an upcoming issue, please join the HH facebook group.

Usually, I split up the links into arbitrary categories, but since there were so few entries this week, each blogger gets his/her own heading – for want of something more creative.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  If post(s) of yours are included here, be friendly and visit 2-3 other blogs listed here.  I’ve done my best to make them all sound tempting and fun.  Leave a comment to let them know you were there.


Look at the Flowers Lizzie:

Over at her new-to-me blog, Sharon shares a glimpse of Rosh HaShanah through the eyes of a social phobic, saying, “it’s all baby steps” in Rosh HaShanah: Pride.

And in Being Jewish Makes Me So Happy, she talks about climbing her own “Jacob’s ladder,” saying “I know I’ll climb up it again simply because of sheer will and determination.”


The Jewish Libertarian:

If it is possible for a soul to “vomit slightly,” then the Jewish Libertarian most certainly did so last week, hearing some older folks describe the job of Israeli prime minister.  He asks, “Naive, stupid, or in deep denial about the Israeli government? You be the judge,” in Statist old men in the locker room.


Esser Agaroth:

Saying, “No one said Israel was easy, except for some silly public relations guy or two, for certain organizations which will remain nameless,” he isn’t feeling much sympathy as Ramat Bet Shemesh C Residents Get Upset. Boo-Hoo!

He also says, “You made your bed, now lie in it” to a rabbinic leader.  Check out that post here if you’re curious.

Jacob Richman:

A rich source of educational and web-based goodies for as long as I can remember,
Jacob Richman offers this week some belated Educational Resources about Yom Kippur and G'mar Hatima Tova (but poke around on his site and you’ll probably find some Sukkot stuff you can still use!).

Batya Medad:

Saying “Obama has been inflated with powers of mythical proportions. It really doesn't matter who is sitting in the White House, the United States President is neither our president nor our god,” Batya offers Yom Kippur Lesson for All: The Buck Stops Here, Not in the USA nor UN  (don’t print her blog post, though, or if you do, treat it with respect, as it contains pages from the siddur!)

And on a lighter note, before the chag, she offered a few glimpses of celebrity takes on Kol Nidrei and other Yom Kippur melodies in Yom Kippur in Show Business.

Meanwhile, at her more personal blog, me-ander, she wrote, “I'm very happy that succah building isn't my project at home” in Getting Ready for Succot, Thank You, G-d for Making Me a Woman!  (I couldn’t agree more)

Plus, topping things off with a (healthy) sweet start to the new year, it’s her culinary secret:  Better and Simpler than the Finest Sorbet (must add, however, that my 18-year-old daughter has known about this for years and has always treated our freezer like her personal Snack Station).

Finally, from me…

Tzivia in AliyahLand:

Well, not much.  I’m working and making yom tov and not much energy to spare.  Oh, and I’m baking a birthday cake because we have 2 Tishrei birthdays in our family, including one motzaei Yom Kippur (sniff, my baby is 7 now)!!!

I did, however, share some thoughts on judgment which we’d all do well to consider, inside of Israel or out of it, even now that Yom Kippur has passed, in Black crocheted kippah, on judgment.

If you have kids and a Kindle, or any other e-reader device (I recommend Calibre, which can convert any ebook format to any other ebook format), please take advantage of two Kindle freebies this week on my own kids' books:
- Oct 5-6:  What Maya Wants to Be (general audience)
- Oct 5-7:  Seven Special Gifts (Jewish kids; some Hebrew content – perfect for Sukkot or any Israel-based festival)

That’s it for this week, folks!  Nice to have you all on board.  (Is that really all the Jewish blog world has to offer?  If you don’t think so, then pleeeease suggest some posts to the upcoming hosts, or even offer to host an edition yourself!)

Tzivia / צִיבְיָה

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