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Children’s books by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod – Israeli delivery order page


All prices include shipping within Israel.  If you’re outside of Israel, please buy directly through Amazon.

See below for the full list of books.  However, there are 4 special deals you may be interested in:

  • Jewish Monsters 2-pack ($16)
  • Holiday Animals 2-pack ($15)
  • Hashem’s Amazing World 3-pack ($24)
  • Pick your own 4-pack ($35)

Use this handy gadget to buy, or scroll down for more details.

Select one:
Book / Package Name

Jewish Monsters two-pack:

Chanukah Monsters plus Shabbat Monsters – $16

Holiday Animals two-pack:

Penguin Rosh Hashanah plus Panda Purim – $15

Hashem’s Amazing World three-pack:

Zoom! A Trip to the Moon, Baby! Life Before Birth and Buzz! A Teeny Tiny World - $24

Pick your own 4-pack:

Any four books listed below – $35

Individual Books:

Most illustrated, 8.5”x8.5” square full-colour paperbacks are $10 each.  Smaller books are priced individually.

61O09qGXuLL._AA160_  Captain Steve:  A story of coming home - $10
61Laci0ry L._UY250_ Elijah and the Priests of Baal - $10
519K-KF5SYL._AA160_ Ezra’s Aliyah - $8

Hashem’s Amazing World:  Baby!  Life before birth - $10


Hashem’s Amazing World:  Buzz!  A teeny tiny world - $10


Hashem’s Amazing World:  Zoom! A trip to the moon - $10


Hashem Never Forgets - $8

61Oxah rt9L._AA160_

Holiday Animals:  Panda Purim - $8


Holiday Animals:  Penguin Rosh Hashanah - $8


Jewish Monsters:  Chanukah Monsters - $10


Jewish Monsters:  Shabbat Monsters - $10


The Marror Man (b&w interior, fully illustrated) - $8

41gJkDxw PL._AA160_

Naomi Shemer: Teaching Israel to Sing (b&w interior, short chapter book) - $6


No Santa! (b&w interior, chapter book) – $8


One Chanukah Night - $10


The Seven Day Manuscript Machine:  Edit your children’s book to perfection in under a week - $10

514E KQUJzL._AA160_

Seven Special Gifts - $8


We Didn’t Have an Etrog! - $10


What Maya Wants to Be - $8

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