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Two great new reviews for “Welcome Home” – my husband’s aliyah book.


I was shocked to see my husband’s aliyah book, Welcome Home:  My first six months living in Israel was getting lukewarm, and okay, a couple of frankly BAD reviews on Amazon.

There are some great ones, but some people sounded really disappointed.  Here’s why:  people expect books on Israel and aliyah to be Very, Very Serious books.

This is NOT a Very, Very Serious book.

If you want an Israel or aliyah book that’s going to reinforce your choices without laying some kind of heavy philosophical or spiritual trip on you, then you’ll probably enjoy his book, too. 

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with heavy philosophical and spiritual books!  I love them, and there are LOTS of great books out there that do just that.  But Welcome Home is not one of them.

Anyway, it’s been refreshing to find these two blog reviews that totally seem to get what he was trying to do with this book.  They’re still recent enough to be called “new.”  I’ll share them here with excerpts and links so you can read the whole thing.

The first is from the Israellycool site, written by blogger journalist Varda Epstein.

…you’ve got to have the right spirit to make it work. You’ve got to be positive. And that is just what Akiva MacLeod has going for him: a positive outlook on life. In spades.

Which is what makes his new book, Welcome Home: My First Six Months Living In Israel, such a pleasant read.

The other is from blogger journalist Batya Medad at her me-ander blog:

This diary-like book made up of short entries from letters and facebook updates during the first six months of their time in Israel gets us through his basic ulpan and their move from the beach-side immigrant absorption center to a small rental flat in another neighborhood.
Going from freezing cold Canada to all-year ocean swimming makes Akiva a very happy Israeli… from what Akiva writes, the children have inherited their father's pragmatic approach to change and are doing well, too.
… I found myself cheering him on as he prepared himself for the final exam.

Why would Akiva write a book about aliyah that isn’t serious?  Because LIFE isn’t always serious. 

I think it’s just as valuable to see the ups and downs, the banal and even boring side of Israeli life, well before you come here.

From what they’ve written, these two reviewers totally get it.  Some others have as well. 


Read an excerpt and buy Welcome Home:  My First Six Months Living in Israel in Kindle or print over here at Amazon.


Tzivia / צִיבְיָה


  1. I really enjoyed reading Akiva's book. I think that in a sense it's a much more realistic and helpful books than those that claim life here is as inspiring as the most moving Yom Kippur Prayer. As a day to day pragmatic adventure, Akiva tells the truth as he sees it. This is real life in Israel for real people.

    1. The weird thing is that I have a few of those books. I could WRITE a few of those books. But I think people need to see the other stuff as well.
      Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Again, I really must stay on top of these comments a little better... :-)


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