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Just when you think you miss Walmart...


Here I was going on and on about how much I loved Walmart while we were visiting Canada, but you know what...? School supply shopping here may be even easier.

Everything is laid out in one reasonably sized section, for decent-enough prices...

"Attention, Max Stock shoppers..."
There were literally employees in every aisle.  Not the pestery kind you usually meet in Israeli stores who are just after their commission.  These asked if we were finding everything and then, when I asked where to find calculators, she started to say, "over there in the next aisle," and then said, "wait, I'll take you."

Awesomely, supremely nice.  After spending years hunting back and forth in jumbo-sized Walmart aisles for the exact right notebook, it's a relief to just find a pile of what I want and drop it in my cart.

And in honour of all us back-to-school shoppers, every single cash register was open, with a smiling, water-bottle toting cashier doing her best to help get you on your way quickly.

Oh, yeah, and even though we don't have a car, you see where my daughter is sitting relative to the store in the picture above?  That's the bus stop, where, two minutes later, the bus arrived to haul us and all our school supplies home.  I literally had to rush to snap the picture because I knew we didn't have long to wait.

In fact, because we got it all done so quickly, we were able to come home on the SINGLE BUS FARE we’d paid to get there in the first place.  Like most fares in Israel, it’s good for 90 minutes, and we squeaked onto the bus, to our surprise, two or three minutes before they expired.

Plus... waiting in the checkout line, something you won't see in any Walmart: kippot!
Just in case you need one, I guess.  It is Elul, after all.

Did I mention I love it here?


  1. Thank you so much for letting me know about this place. Do you know if there are any in Jerusalem?

  2. There's a Max stock among the stores at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, and one opposite the Clal building on Jaffa Road (right near the light rail station)

  3. Love it! We've been having sales on school shirts, too.

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