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And… a place to call home???

Just a name, mentioned by a friend who has mentioned several places, so I didn’t really listen at first.  Okay, the first THREE times she mentioned it, I didn’t listen.  But then I did, and it sounded actually kind of interesting.

(when people find out what a geography dummy I am, people throw all KINDS of place names at me, and I have no idea what kind of places they think would suit us or where they are relative to various borders and “shtuchim”/שטחים – places where the news refers to ordinary folks as “settlers” rather than just Israelis)

Here is the name – keeping in mind that it is by no means THE name, just one place I am maybe considering:

Mitzpeh Netofa


Mitzpeh Netufah


מִצְפֵּה נְטוֹפָה‎‎

Of course, the Nefesh b’Nefesh info page gives it four dollar-signs in terms of cost of living.  Drat!  Tehilla, a site for religious aliyah, seems to not exist anymore, so I can’t use their VERY handy community-information site (you can click it, but you won’t get anywhere… blah).

Here’s a little more personal side from a very out-of-date site.

Wikipedia doesn’t say much except that there are 200 families.  But maybe more if we go there, and a couple of our friends from Toronto!

This is MORE information than you ever needed to know, in the form of a Word document, which is somewhat outdated but still offers valuable insights into the town’s history, philosophy, resources etc.

And my favourite, a YouTube video!

Thinking, thinking… I really can’t concentrate on this right now, but it’s kind of nice, the feeling of narrowing things down a little – though in this case, perhaps TOO much.

Oooh, here’s another (if somewhat twangy) view.  My Canadian eyes are loving all this greenery, but I’m sure that, as in the rest of the country, the green is pretty seasonal.


  1. I created the first video about the Klita program. Glad to hear that its being used for the reasons I intended! You'll appreciate that I took all of the photos while walking through the yishuv with a baby on back :-).

  2. Ok, just watched it again :-). Its only about 3 years old but its already dated. There have been many new projects since then. New landscaping around the shul and new playgrounds. I didn't remember that I had included family photos ;-).

  3. Just saw these comments now - not sure why they weren't sent to me. Anyway, we are NOT considering Mitzpeh Netofah at the moment (looking for a bigger centre, I think), but the video was incredibly helpful, and I hope others find it as well. Knowing about the baby makes it that much more special.


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