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This is why…

Elisheva’s school had a Yom Iyun (basically, an assembly) for Yom HaZikaron last week.  Nice, right?  I thought so, especially given the anti-Zionist or (to put it more charitably) non-Zionist bent of some of the frum schools here.

But then she mentioned that the school would NOT be celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day, always the day after Yom HaZikaron), although the girls were told they could “celebrate it on their own” if they wanted to.  (Gee, thanks.)

Well, this made me mad.  Obviously, right?  I mean, why mourn the loss of so many lives without celebrating, even momentarily, the great victory that was bought with those lives?

image image

Doesn’t that make the sacrifice meaningless???

I began to rant and then realized I’m not trying to change the system anymore… I’m trying to change US. 

I decided I’d like to do a pilot trip around these two important dates next year, but I realize that many prospective olim probably want the same thing, and being so close to Pesach, it may not be possible.

But by next year at this time, I’d REALLY like to be on our way, somehow.

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