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And meanwhile… (silliness)

Who says an aliyah blog has to be all serious, all the time?  Enjoy this so-cheesy-it’s-great retro music video, detailing the unfortunate life of a child whose parents love to travel around Israel, leaving her running to catch up.

However cheesy it may be, I almost tear up at the refrain:

אבא, אמא קצת יותר לאט
אבא, אמא תחכו מעט
אין לאן לרוץ ואין לאן למהר
ארץ ישראל פה לעולם תשאר.

Father, mother a little more slowly
Father, mother wait a little
There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hurry
Eretz Israel will remain here forever.

(thanks to Google translate)

Another favourite, that almost makes me wish I’d had an Israeli childhood, is this even sillier song, which really has nothing to do with Israel; it’s a Hebrew variation on the “one in the bed and the little one said – move over!”  I love this funky-retro combo of hairy, fully-clad TV-host adults co-sleeping with puppets…

Here, Google somewhat fails at its translating task:


במיטה אחת לא כל כך גדולה
ארבעה שובבים טרללללה.

My (real) translation:
In one bed, not so very big, [were] four sillies, tra-la-la-la-la…
Google Translate:

One bed is not so great;
Four playful Trllllh.

Oh-kay… Enjoy!

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  1. My 4 year old's ganenet plays song #1 all the time!

    I learned an Israeli Folk Dance to the song as a child in Toronto so the song holds fond memories for me :-).


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