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More Israel Weather…

Every time it’s what I consider almost-unbearably hot here, I think, “how’s the weather in Israel?”  No harm in being the most soporific aliyah blog, right?

I promise things will heat up (um, so to speak) later on when we actually start making plans.  Indeed, we are meeting with NbN Go North people tomorrow, so it will actually be helpful to be “up” on the weather situation… right?

At least I have all the links on speed-dial in my browser now!  So here we go again!

Hey – good news:  RAIN!  Some parts of the north are expecting rain and thunder overnight Thursday.









Today’s Temperature

34° 31° 38° 32°

Today’s Humidity

83% 72% 77% – ouch! 68% – and I thought this was HIGH.  :-(((
Link click me click me click me click me

And finally… for comparison, in Jerusalem, tomorrow’s forecast is 32°, with a humidity of 56%.  In Eilat, it’s 43°, but again, a low humidity of only 19%.

Does anyone have a secret mantra they can teach me to calm myself about the weather situation…?

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