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Two amenities

It would be nice if, wherever we find our happy landing in the holy land, there are the following two not-quite-holy amenities available within relatively close proximity:

  • English-language movies (plus maybe Hebrew movies with subtitles, but somehow, I feel those will be even rarer than they are here)
  • Aerobics/cardio classes – now that I am newly-recommitted to my twice-weekly sweatin’ regimen, I’d love to keep it up.  I suppose any reasonable-sized community centre will have something of this type – any ladies’ workout kind of thing will probably be okay.  Actually, I’m open to almost anything: Pilates, Zumba… as long as, just like with Hebrew, they go slowly at first to accomodate me.

By the way, I had no idea there was such a thing as “Jewish aerobics” until I googled and got this album-cover image.  But now, I really, REALLY want to own it.

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