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Fwd: Day 1 - Ramat Beit Shemesh


Hello my loves!

Here is the city we are visiting today, Ramat Beit Shemesh. 

We are sitting in a bakery waiting for supper... A VERY long wait indeed.  There are lots of kids and schools here and tons of parks and playgrounds.  The person who showed us around said they have good ballet classes all the way up to adult age.   There is lots of time for activities (chugim) because school (for girls) finishes at 1:30 pm.  BUT we will still have to do English, grammar etc at home because the English in schools is lousy!

We had some amazingly good strawberry yogurt (yo-goort eem too-teem) for breakfast.  Some things that come from North America are expensive in Israel, like breakfast cereal, so most people have cheese, yogurt, fruit, bread etc for breakfast instead.  Cheese strings are very cheap!  They have lots of Nutella and other spready sweet things: chocolate spread, and there is even halva spread for toatst!
This city is only about 1/2 an hour away from Elisheva's next-year school by bus, so I hope she could come home a lot to see us!
Many, MANY children and adults speak English here (40%), but even the ones who arrive knowing no Hebrew are very good at it after not too long...
Abba says to tell you he found a really great candy store near the hotel - they have kosher kinder eggs and everything.  The whole country is excited to be getting ready for Purim - everyone is singing mishenichnas adar and there are costumes in all the stores - what a great place!
We are working hard to find us all a happy new home.

<3 Mommy
This is a picture of the kosel that we took our first night:

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