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Fwd: Day 4:. Rechovot

Hello, my loves!
We are on our way back to yerushalayim on a bus and it is very  VERY dark already. 
We stayed in yerushalayim this morning because we were invited to people in Rechovot for supper. 
We had never met them before,  but we figure making new friends is going to be a big part of this adventure...
They moved here from Toronto seven years ago with two young daughters. 

Supper was lasagna... It felt a lot like home. 

When we first got to Rechovot,  we were amazed at the big beautiful mall.   There are tons of stores, including many north American stores, like toys r us.   

We visited a school (empty, because school was finished for the day ) and also a shul.  It isn't a giant shul, but the people are very friendly and almost all the kids speak English. 

There is a big famous university there called the chaim weizmann Institute - a bit boring, but they have a fun science area that kids visit with their classes. 

Nobody here - this whole country - knows about covering their mouth to cough or sneeze. Some people are "thoughtful " and use their hand to cover up... And then they don't wash their hands.  Yuck. 

The orange trees in the picture here are covered in oranges that nobody wants... Apparently they are too bitter to eat.  But everywhere we look, citrus trees are full of delicious fruit.   Our new friends told us that every fruit has its own season here, and mostly that's when they eat them.  Right now, it's citrus season, but soon there will be peaches, apricots, mangoes... Abba was thrilled to hear that they even grow some kinds of apples here, in the north of Israel.   We tried a new kind of grapefruit called a "sweetie " - it basically tastes like a super sweet grapefruit. 

Rechovot is about 45 minutes from Yerushalayim,  so we are now on the bus back for our last night in this wonderful downtown hotel.   My ears are popping from going up and down all these hills! 
So I will hit send now, though I miss you all very much. 



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