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Purim Postcard / Aliyah Songs

If you’re a Toronto friend, don’t read on – SPOILERS!!!

I printed 50 of these cards to mail before our pilot trip, because things will be too hectic upon our return to do anything besides show up at shul for the megillah reading:

(click for full-sized version)


Here are the poems:

(ttto:  We’re off to see the Wizard)

We’re off to make aliyah,
In the year fifty-seven seventy-three;
We know it is the busiest biz
That ever a biz there was.
If ever, oh ever, a busy year was,
Then moving to Israel is sure one because
Because, because, because,
because, because…
That’s what every new oleh does!

(ttto:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

Somewhere, over the ocean, way off far,
There’s a Land that we’ve dreamed of,
its symbol a waving star.

Someday, we’ll hop on board a plane,
And wake up where the sound of rain…
delights us.

Where Jewish souls in Jewish homes,
Are writing happy Hebrew poems,
That’s where you’ll find us…

Somewhere, over the ocean,
there are Jews,
Living dreams that we dare to dream…
That’s the dream we choose.

Okay, a little mushy.  But hopefully just the right spirit for Purim cards!

It only occurs to me now that this would have been a great opportunity for some sort of pun on “Hashem ‘Oz’ l’amo yitein” (Hashem will grant strength to His people – the word for “strength” is “Oz”).  But they’re already printed and I think handwriting it on 50 cards would be goofy.


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