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Yay, yay, yay!!!


Naturally, we will not be getting the visas before our pilot trip, because once the aliyah visa is in there, it’s our last trip as “chutz la’artziyim.”

Which is good, because there is altogether too much stuff to organize before the trip anyway.

Ooooh… what a great feeling!


  1. How much does the Aliyah visa cost? My husband and I are making Aliyah in 7 months and the cost of the NBN application took us by surprise. We would like to minimize financial surprises if possible...

  2. Mazel tov on your decision to make aliyah!!!
    Aliyah visas themselves are FREE, but I do remember hemorrhaging money, just literally, handing it over in fistfuls. Because it's not just the visas, it's also having all your documents - birth certificates, marraige certificates, and more - notarized and approved, and I think those were about $20 or $25 per page. I just handed over a credit card and prayed there was enough on it to cover the expenses.
    I hate to sound like a money snob, but - be prepared to spend more than you'd expected. There WILL be surprises. Be prepared to spend more than you'd budgeted on things like photos, government whatevers, excess baggage, I don't know what.
    (another expense: you'll need at least 6 months left on your passport, so if it's expiring soon, you'll need to renew it first)
    Remember also that there were four of us and our situation (remarriage) was slightly more complicated than usual. Your mileage may vary. :-)
    Hope this helps!


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