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Getting the kids ready…

I’ve agreed to write a monthly blog post on the topic of “preparing the kids for aliyah in our little Canadian homeschool,” for the Homeschool Horizons blog, a collaborative bloggy reinvention of a belly-up Canadian homeschooling magazine.  Here’s the first month’s post. 

(this is a mostly Christian audience, so I’ve used English throughout)

This first post is more about the decision to move, rather than the practicalities.  So I think it’s probably quite relevant, and I may eventually repost it here.

And okay, I know what you’re thinking… well, I know what I’m thinking:  “if this is a monthly series, how many of these am I going to get a chance to write before we actually leave?”  The short answer to that is three. 

Three before… and maybe a whole bunch after!

Still waiting for visas.  You, dear avid readers, will be the first to know when we have them.  Okay, the second… after everybody I know in real life.  :-)

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