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What not to tell someone making aliyah

(some details of this online conversation are paraphrased to cover up the person’s identity, but I have preserved the gist of the conversation so you may scream along with me)

Concerned Acquaintance (CA) is a person we don’t know all that well, but is a facebook friend, meaning this person has access to me at all hours thanks to the wonders of instant messaging.

Here’s the message that popped up with a chirrup late one night:

CA:  When you get to Israel, don’t forget to buy gas masks.  Find the bomb shelters.  Figure out how to get there fast.  But you’ll get used to it – hang in there!

Me:  Okay, gas masks are on the to-do list.

CA:  When you’re in the shelter, pray.

Me:  :-)

CA:  Yeah, Lebanon has hundreds of thousands of missiles all lined up waiting to rain down on Israel. 

Me:  :-(

CA:  We’ll be praying for you!


CA:  And when the war is over, I’ll come visit!

Me:  Yay!

(I really did say “yay”… really, what else could I have said???)

I’m not saying this person is not correct… these are all valid points, but it’s not like this stuff wouldn’t have occurred to me if it hadn’t been brought to my attention.

“What?  Israel has ENEMIES???!?”



  1. Sounds like a good person to de-friend. And not to invite for a visit, ever. Once you live here, you'll realize that Israelis are much more occupied with daily life than with the security threat. B"H, we have a wonderful army taking care of us!

  2. gevalt, I trust that same person tells Americans to wear bulletproof vests, since you never know when and where there will be another shooting.


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