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Notes from an aliyah pilot trip

Forgot to mention – I wrote this article – Notes from an aliyah pilot trip – about our pilot trip for the Canadian Jewish News and it ran over Pesach.

They used this picture of us, which I thought was an absolutely TERRIBLE picture, but my daughter said it’s one of the best pictures of me she’s seen.  I don’t know what she’s seeing, but when I look at it I see a bitterly cold February day on which we’re supposed to be standing looking out at Karmiel while I was busy regretting my decision to leave my jacket behind in the tour bus.

It really is Karmiel, though. 

Isn’t it pretty?

Again, in case you missed the link, click here to read the article.  Hard to sum up 2 weeks’ worth of very emotional work in 700 words, but I actually think I did quite nicely…

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