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Do you know what this is??? (and don't say "yam")

...It's a "batata".  If you have more than one, they're called "batatot."  isn't that fun to say?

This name pleases me more than you could imagine, because it's also its Latin name - well, ipomoea batatas, but we needn't be overly formal.  No ambiguity, no calling it a yam - the Latin name just cuts right through all the indecision of living languages, straight to the heart of this little veggie's essence. g

Okay, the truth is, I've called it by its Latin name for years, at least, in my head.   And now I can say it out loud, too, you know, given the right conversational opening.   "looking for a decent price on an orange root vegetable?  Well, walk right on past the carrots, my friend, because there's a deal right now on farm-fresh batatot, right over there in aisle three."

It's a bit beyond my current Hebrew abilities, but I'll learn; I'll learn...

Sent on the go in the Holy Land - please excuse my typos!!

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