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IMG_00002433 (1024x575)Well, our setup here is a little rough… in that our wifi signal comes from the common area of the merkaz klitah, four floors down. 

It wafts up to the window here on the fourth floor (which, like in England, is really the fifth floor), and while we get a stronger signal at night for some reason (maybe because the sun / heat isn’t interfering?), evening is prime-time for everybody else in the building who wants to use the wifi signal. 

So the image started out pretty good but deteriorated pretty quickly.  Still, it was nice to chat with friends.  So far, we have skyped with Ted’s father in Ottawa, these friends in Toronto, and YM (our older son in Toronto), who interrupted this conversation to say hi to the kids.  I told him we’d call him right back and the kids got to say goodnight, then I bentsched him.

IMG_00002430 (1024x575) 

I know it’s not the same as a real playdate, but honestly, this is simply marvellous.  It has never, ever, in the history of anything, been easier to be away from your most beloved people and still feel like you’re right around the corner… (and did I mention, all 3 calls were FREE???)

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  1. Amazing, no comparison to our old super thin aerogrammes...


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