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Easy pickin’s

(Hmm… where do the apostrophes go in the word “pickin’s,” anyway???  Theoretically, you need two, one to replace the G and one to add the possessive S… hmm.  So, anyway.)

One of the people who works here is extremely friendly and helpful.  She is not from Israel or anywhere English-speaking, but nevertheless speaks mainly-great English and has done a lot for us, always enthusiastically, with a smile.  But her written notices are generally – though enthusiastic – more than a little flawed. 

This one was posted on her office door today, and although I love to mock English signage here, it seems cruel to make fun of anybody who’s so hard-working and earnest… but here I go nonetheless.  Okay, I won’t make fun, just post the note for your silent, complicit, enjoyment.

IMG_00002891Like I said… no comment.  Okay… I can’t help it.  “Repatriations”???

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