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Ongoing wish list

If anyone’s coming from North America, and there is a chance they will see me, here’s what I want…

(a partial list, to be added to and subtracted from)

  • Starbucks instant coffee
  • Rubber gloves
  • Vanilla extract (yes, I do know I can make my own with a vanilla bean… and eventually, I probably will)

Bigger items “To Buy” wish list – stuff we need for our home, now or eventually – would make excellent big-ticket / birthday gifts for grown-ups!!!:

Big-ticket purchases we will need when we leave the merkaz klitah:

  • washer/dryer (maybe don’t need a dryer, at first?)
  • stove, or countertop two-burner thingy like we have here.
  • maybe a full-sized oven?
  • fridge, with an actual capacity to hold things
  • beds
  • other furniture… ???
  • large freezer, eventually?

What we own here so far:

  • clothing
  • boxes, artfully arranged to resemble a bookshelf
  • suitcases
  • two fans
  • a broken blender
  • toaster
  • toaster oven
  • books
  • folding table
  • shelf thingy in shower room

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