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Weird moments of holiness…

IMG_00002711… when you buy a clock at the supermarket and the cardboard packaging includes a rabbinical quote:

לא כל הימים שווים ולא כל השעות שוות. יש ימים ארוכים ויש קצרים, יש יום שנדמה לו לאדם כשנה, יש שנים שהן בעיניו כימים אחדים. יש רגע שנראה שהוא לא יסתיים לעולם ויש חיים החולפים כחלוף עין.

- הרב חיים סבתו

IMG_00002712A bad translation is provided – the verse says something like [my translation], “Not all days are equal and not all hours are equal.  There are days that seem long and days that seem short; a day can seem to a person like a year, but there are years that can seem like single days.  A moment can seem as though it will never end, but there are lives that are over in the blink of an eye.”

Thank you, Israeli wall clock, for that sobering dose of reality.

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