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New Apartment – Video Tour

From an email to my family / friends back in Toronto, mainly unedited…

So tonight is our last night in the Merkaz Klitah (absorption centre).  Here we are at the 6 month mark (nearly) and the next step of our adventure is beginning.

Yes, the apartment is tiny, but it is clean, if not spacious.  Still, I made these videos after dark and it all looks a bit grimy because of the bare-bulb lighting and cardboard boxes everywhere.

This video tour is presented by our 3 wonderful tour guides, each (kind of) more gracious than the next.  As always, the screaming and squabbling you have come to enjoy from our videos has not been edited out here.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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Plus, my newest (ad)venture, for fun and super-slight profit...

We are thinking of you and miss you all.


(saying goodbye to friends at the Merkaz Klitah… mischievous inquisitive little friends who asked 1000 times if we were coming back and where we were going, but still don’t quite seem to understand the concept…)

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